Homeless Guy Wins the Lotto (kinda)!

This is a wonderful example of paying it forward. This guy had no obligation or duty to help this homeless man. He did it because the homeless man is a good guy who needs a little bit of help. And that’s why it makes me so happy.

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Homeless Man Wins the Lottery

The guy noticed a homeless man near the shopping center by his house and said he is always nice to everyone.

So, he gives him a “winning” lottery ticket, that wasn’t actually a winner.

The store clerk is in on it as well. The store clerk hands the homeless man 10 $100 dollar bills and the homeless man, I really wish I knew his name, tries to SHARE it with the man who gave him the lottery ticket.

1:50 “I want to share it my friend.”

This incredible human seemingly has nothing but the clothes on his back but he tries to give the money to the man who helped him. The homeless man burst into tears, which in turn makes the guy who planned the event cry as well. I don’t think the guy who thought of this plan had any idea it would be so emotional. I can’t imagine witnessing this in person. It melts my heart.

I wish little surprises like this happened even more in the world.

It doesn’t have to be $1,000. It could be $10. It could be a sandwich. It could be a can of soup. It could be a blanket.

When you give something to someone, especially someone who needs it more than you do, you feel like you did your part.

I would love to ask this man what happened to him to make him pay it forward to this homeless man. Especially in such a profound way.

I would love to ask the homeless man his story. And if he’s ever be showed kindness like this before.

2:43 “I’ve been doing this for a long time. A long time. And never never had a friend had somebody do what you just did back there. Never.”

I hope this guy continues to do these special things for other people.

If you want to check out his YouTube page, you can do that here. If you want to follow him on Twitter, you can do that here.